15th April 2021

A&P Creative moment

Reading time 10 mins

Here is your regular dose of creative inspiration from our team at A&P.

This month we have Becky Williams and Sophie Hulse sharing the things sparking their creativity, fuelling fresh ideas and inspiring innovative solutions for our clients.


Becky Williams
Senior Account Manager

Like all of us during lockdown, the once haven that was my home became very tedious. I would look at every imperfection. Every job that needed tackling during ‘normal times’ which simply slid off my list in favour of bottomless brunches and weekends away stood out like a sore thumb. Countless tasks bullying me to join the 3-hour B&Q hoards to plaster over their cracks.

Whilst tempting, I opted instead to sell up and move on.

Despite having weekends filled with, well nothing, I am forever grateful for virtual tours and videos of prospective homes. Having shown round potential buyers myself, I know the rigmarole involved in staging the home. Removing any trace of our dog, spending what felt like hundreds of pounds on candles, not allowing my partner to dare cook anything odorous for fear of being known as the ‘bacon house’.  I am inspired and oh so appreciative of this new digital era which aims to reduce the pain and save time for both parties.

Now, thanks to virtual tours, I can view people’s homes whilst eating dinner, waiting in 3 hours supermarket not B&Q queues – taking a bath even! For potential buyers, they can rock up to our odourless home having viewed every nook and cranny, almost certain it is a true contender.

And the possibilities for our clients are endless, not just for our estate agents. The number of requests we receive for virtual tours or similar have dramatically increased and I for one cannot wait to see the ideas come to life. 


Sophie Hulse

Escapism is more than distraction from reality. It’s an opportunity to be transported, to explore your creativity and move your inspiration into action.

My recent read, ‘Let My People Go Surfing — The Education of a Reluctant Businessman’, tells story of Yvon Chouinard, the founder and owner of Patagonia. This book is refreshingly modest and shares how he put his love of adventure at the heart of his business, along with a passionate insight into building business as a tool to achieve moral fulfilment.

We learn through this book that Yvon’s escapism is one of the many things that fuels Patagonia’s innovation. His high value for taking time out and retreating allows him space to ask the questions that inform the product and process. His approach instils the belief and ethos that Patagonia’s ‘brand should transcend mere marketing’.

In a time where restrictions seem to outweigh the freedom we crave, there is a lot to be learnt from adopting Yvon’s approach, allowing ourselves the creative freedom to sit a little while longer and let our minds take us to new places.

If a have a creative project in mind for 2021 and require some expert know how to bring it to life, get in touch today.

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