5th March 2021

Creative moment


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Here is your regular dose of creative inspiration from our team at A&P.

This month we have 3 different people from across our agency, sharing the things sparking their creativity, fuelling fresh ideas and inspiring innovative solutions for our clients.

Chris Thomas 
Creative Director

There’s creativity in Perseverance.

It’s difficult not to be inspired by the landing of the ‘Perseverance Rover’ on Mars the past weeks, even if the only time you’ve ever really considered the cosmos is the very rare moments that this country has experienced a solar eclipse?

Our attempts to explore has driven human development, whether it’s through the invention of the wheel or the search for life on other planets, but the driving force behind any of these landmark developments would never have been possible without creativity. Scientists can do all the necessary calculations required and build the technology needed to deliver an incredibly complex piece of engineering onto the surface of Mars, travelling from a speed of 24,600 mph down just to 3 mph for a perfect landing, but without thinking creatively about how to achieve these goals the mission would have never left the ground.  

Whatever the moral questions that may arise on whether we should be spending money on such endeavours, you cannot deny that it’s the creative juices that flow through all of us and the advancements that are possible as a result that will hopefully ensure our survival as a race.


Pete Lowe
Senior Film Production Executive

Currently I’m watching a lot of Corridor Crew on YouTube. 

Corridor Crew are an American production studio, known for creating short-form videos with an emphasis on special effects. This group of visual effects artists, or VFX artists, are industry experts using a variety of applications.

A long running staple amongst their content on their youtube channel is their reaction to examples of both good and bad CGI. Typically, their videos show one of their VFX artists taking an example of bad CGI as a case study, breaking down the reasons why and talking through how it could be improved upon. Often their VFX artist will then demonstrate this process of improvement through to its conclusion. 

While I don’t create visual effects myself, I’ve watched enough films to know the difference between good and bad CGI. Corridor Crew demonstrate time and time again that the devil lies in the detail. They show small changes can add up to major improvement in production quality and the layering of multiple, subtle effects can have a dramatic and positive impact on a visual effects piece. 

This is such an interesting channel to watch, because many of the principles observed, commented on and improved upon can be applied to other disciplines. 

As someone who lights, shoots and edits film, these principles apply on varying levels at every stage of production. With this in mind, it can really help to level up the quality of work produced.


Mike Bailey
Senior Art Director

Throughout my time in the ‘Disco in Furlough,’ I have become obsessed with the smorgasbord of delights available by the ‘gram - Instagram to be precise.
Aside from the daily indulgence of all good things; varying from design, interiors & classic advertising to footy, food and the occasional trainer drop from the brand with 3 stripes; I have become equally compelled to absorb the daily offerings from Hidden Scotland.
Like all of us, a break away from the norm would just be fine and dandy right now; so a chance to drift away to the Isle of Arran, take a stroll down Princes Street or take in the views over Glasgow and the mountains beyond at the breathtakingly beautiful Cathkin Braes Country Park is certainly a welcome one.
So a chance to reconnect to the outside world via a Celtic connection and discover magical places in Scotland, I would highland recommended it.

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