8th November 2021

Driving success for the UK’s largest All Makes truck and trailer parts

Tim Parkinson

Tim Parkinson Director

Digital Trends

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With almost 30 years in the business, TRP is the largest All Makes Truck, Trailer and Workshop Consumables range in the UK – offering over 90,000 parts and counting. 

A&P have worked with TRP for some 25 years. We’re proud to have helped to evolve their online presence with the creation of various social media platforms to further their reach and engagement with both current and prospective customers.

At A&P, we understand the importance of social media as a touchpoint for customers and a crucial advertising space for businesses. 

We applied our ‘know how’ to determine what TRP’s customers find appealing and will drive engagement through Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Our team created a three-column approach to communications in order to ensure an even distribution of content from various topics of relevance. Such as: ‘our world’ showcasing new products and promotions; ‘their world’ offering useful hints and tips; and ‘real world’ with industry news and updates. 

Over the years, we have also used our ‘know how’ to create stunning film content for TRP to showcase their business and commitment to delivering the right part, first time, every time. 


Proudly results-driven, at A&P and we use our extensive in-house expertise to consistently deliver strong campaigns with meaningful outcomes for our clients.

In the last year, we have increased the follower growth by 210%, increased impressions by 115%, engagements by 219%, and website visits are up 83.3%. 

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