24th August 2021

How Google Trends can help you plan your marketing strategy

SEO Digital Trends

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Google Trends has to have a place in your bookmark tab!

It fundamentally lets you plan your online marketing strategy year on year when your campaigns are going to achieve the biggest impact. The most successful campaigns are those that have been prepared for and executed on time. 

It does this by exposing how the world uses the internet, revealing how often specific keywords, topics and phrases have been searched for over various periods of time throughout the year. 

Seasonal Trends

A huge number of products or services search volumes relies on and is affected by seasonality. Google trends not only gives access to the UK’s way of searching, but the rest of the world too.

Insights for search will show you when a search phrase is most popular during the year. If you want to promote a seasonal product or service, it is beneficial to see when the peaks in your traffic usually start and when you should turn your campaign activity on and ramp up the media spend. 

Related Queries

Google trends also goes deeper into queries people search for in relation to that topic. 

‘Back to School’ is every parents nightmare. The stress of making sure each child has the correct uniform and stationery supplies is a challenge. Buying products online takes away the stress so why not capitalise on this and target parents searching at peak times, offering them your products, or a saviour, right when they need it most.

Within this time period, not only are parents searching for backpacks and calculators, they are also searching for ‘quick hairstyles’ and ‘a successful morning routine’. If your products can help in any way, you can market them here. 

Not only does this provide keyword insights so you can bid on terms you may not have considered previously, it delivers a better understanding of your customers mind and thought processes for maximum impact. 

Useful Content

When exploring search terms on Google Trends, you can gain the most valuable insights into topics that can influence your online web content and social media adverts.

When exploring the term ‘new build’, you can see that these users also searched for a whole heap of other terms. These terms are scored on a percentage base for example a search query at +450% has become very popular over the time period.    

People searching for new build housing developers also searched for ‘help to buy vs lifetime Isa’ and ‘how much is stamp duty’. Why not use these topics to curate useful and informative content that your key target market will appreciate? 

More importantly, they will land on your website and value you as an expert in your field. 

Using these three planning tools will allow you to generate a better understanding of your customers journey to purchase online.

You will have the ability to populate appropriate online marketing campaigns to coincide with search trends, optimising relevant pages on your website in the run-up to peaks for your industry. 

Preparing and optimising your content when or after the peaks arrive will be unproductive as you will be forever chasing your competitors who will be ranking higher and are ahead of the game. 

Prioritising 1-2 months before demand hits allow your marketing plan to become manageable and reactive. 

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