24th July 2017

My first week at A&P

Lauren Stacey

Lauren Stacey Production Manager


Well, here I am, Week 4 of my new job as a Senior Production Coordinator for the Film team, thinking back to the first days of my new employment. 
Looking back the most lasting impression, without a doubt, would have to be the people. On my first day Tony Ainsworth, one of the Board Directors, walked me around the offices and personally introduced me to everyone. The entire company was incredibly welcoming and truly felt like a company with a family feel. All I had to do was remember the 50 names - something I think we can all agree is a tricky part of starting a new job.
After the introductions, I took residence in a meeting room where my inductions began. I was given one on one time with each Head of Department (another chance to commit their names to memory) who gave me an insight into their departments, what they did, how they worked and most importantly, how they foresaw my position working with them. As my role is a new role for A&P, it was crucial for the responsibilities to be clearly outlined which was done efficiently and diplomatically. One thing I’ve learnt from working as a freelancer amongst different companies is that you need to establish your role early on to avoid confusion and I was delighted that this was done not only through HR but through the people I would be working with. 
The team I work closest with on a daily basis is the Film team who are a team of 10 talented Producers who are all based in our Studio. I have come to love working with this team and it’s a joy to be responsible for the puzzle that is their diaries and ensuring that time is spent productively so that we can produce films for our clients in the most efficient way possible. My daily routine is heavily centred around working with this team. 
On a usual day I arrive at the office at around 0845 and make myself a tea and catch up with my emails. Then at around 0900 I go into the studio and have a catch up with the film team. This catch up consists of the team giving me feedback about what they have been working on and I brief in the jobs they need to be working on that day. After my trip to the Studio I return back to my desk and go through our 'Film Team Diary’. I tend to review this diary multiple times a day as I like to feel confident about the jobs we have coming up and who is working on which jobs. It also gives me the chance to chase any lose ends and pencilled in jobs. My afternoons are less structured where my role becomes more responsive. I spend my afternoon coordinating incoming jobs, assigning new edit amends and chasing up on edits. I am also heavily involved in the Broadcast side of the business which keeps me very busy on a wide range of exciting challenges.
A&P has given me my spark back when it comes to work, I’m finally excited to talk about my job, I believe this is partly aided by Tony’s enthusiasm, passion and aspirations. The company, ethos, content and vision are all something which truly inspires me and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been selected for the job. My mind boggles with the possibilities that A&P are open to and I can see my self spending many years here and growing with the company. 

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