4th July 2022

Reporting just got easier in Google Adwords

Did you know that you can now report at account level within the Google Adwords Manager Account?

This will be music to the ears of agencies and enterprises with multiple accounts to manage! And here at A&P, we will be utilising this new roll out to consolidate high level data for multiple linked accounts and create visual dashboards that are easy to understand for our clients.

I’m sure we can all agree that making reporting streamlined is much more time efficient, however the benefits don’t stop there.

  • Reports can be downloaded fast, so we are able to show clients snapshots on campaign performance quickly
  • It’s much easier to spot victories to utilise campaign budget more effectively to achieve the best results
  • Ability to react to opportunities that show through trends in the combined data
  • Any potential issues can be spotted and resolved quickly
  • Dashboards can be customised for different sets of people, so you can show data that only they want to see or what makes sense to them

Have you tried the Manager Account level reporting yet? If you’re looking to get your digital marketing up and running then we can help you click with customers. 

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