2nd December 2019

Snapchat: Reaching a Younger Demographic


Reading time 10 mins

There are so many reasons for your brand to consider Snapchat as an advertising platform. Not only is Snapchat making a comeback despite huge competition from Instagram and other social media channels, but it is the best solution if your aim is to reach a younger demographic. An impressive 90.5% of social network users aged 18-24 use the platform regularly, suggesting Snapchat will retain the upper hand for a younger and loyal user base in the next few years.

It was only in 2014 when advertising was introduced to the platform and marketers have previously been curious about its ability, performance and trackability. The initial advertising capabilities were restrictive, and some updates were needed if it stood the chance of competing with other channels.

Since then, a Snapchat Ads Manager system was introduced which allowed more room for experimenting and reporting. Ads manager now gives you a better understanding of your campaigns will real-time engagement metrics and reporting. It also allows you test, learn and optimise advert sets as well as set conversions and goals to measure an effective ROI.

The combination of targeting developments and ever improving engaging features creates a strong and attractive advertising platform that is efficient for brand campaigns.

Like other platforms, there are a number of campaign objectives for awareness, consideration and conversions.

Branding: increase awareness for your brand

App Installs: increase the number of app installs

App Traffic: bring more people to use your app

Website Traffic: increase the traffic to your site or a specific page

Engagement: boost your engagement

Video Views: increase the number of people who watch your video

Lead Generation: find new leads for your business

App Conversions: track conversions and app installs

Website Conversions: track the number of people who complete a specific action to your site

Sales: track the number of sales for your products

You can reach the most relevant ‘Snapchatters’ by age, gender, location, parental status and education level. You can also reach audiences based on their interests and habits as well as those who have engaged previously with your business.

There are a couple of things to consider before you start your Snapchat advertising experience.

Snapchat is used primarily by a younger demographic therefore your adverts need to be engaging enough to appeal to this target audience. The huge variety of advert formats allow you to discover the best way to do this and drive the results you desire.

The call to action ability through swipes and taps is great to achieve a specific action from your audience, so make sure these are utilised within your campaigns.

Don’t rush to benchmark your campaign results to others and to other social media channels as this is a fairly new advertising platform. A/B test your own advert formats and audience groups to discover what works best for you.

We have a team of campaign specialists who have experience in building effective campaigns. If you need help reaching a younger demographic, get in touch.

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