17th September 2021

Some things to consider before pressing play on your social media advertising

SEO Digital Trends

Reading time 5 mins

Today advertising through social media platforms has become a invaluable tool to expand your company's reach and conversions by delivering specific messages to highly targeted audiences. However, it’s important you research and plan your campaigns to ensure you are setting yourself up for success.

Here are some things to consider before pressing play on your social media advertising:

Define your goals
Why are you running this campaign and what do you want to accomplish? If you want more website traffic, video views, conversions or app downloads – these all need a different objective. Define your goal around a specific action.

Choose your social channels wisely
These will vary depending on your business. Facebook and Instagram tend to be more B2C with Twitter and LinkedIn suited to more B2B consumers.

Identify your ideal customer
You won’t achieve results if you are not marketing to the right audience. Find a highly focused niche which includes gender, age, location, job title, interests, and behaviour to achieve a higher success ratio.

Visual is key
Poor assets have no hope of attracting awareness and engagement. Make sure your creative is eye-catching and remember that video can drive up to 60% more engagement. Ask yourself – would it make you stop scrolling?

Continue to test and create content
Don’t just stop after one ad. Try different formats and audiences to see what works best for you. Content fuels social media so post relevant and engaging content on your timeline if you want followers to keep engaging with you as a business.


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