21st September 2022

The Importance of Creative Strategy and Planning

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas Creative Director


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The Importance of Creative Strategy and Planning

We can’t really attempt to do anything successfully without first understanding how to approach it.

It’s no different when we develop our advertising campaigns, crucially it’s the planning that gives us the understanding of our client’s requirements alongside their business objectives.

Implementing a robust planning process is the only effective way to get a clear idea of what the messaging needs to be and the audiences we need to communicate it to. By talking to key people across a client’s organisation gives us a clear picture of what their key strengths are over the competition.

This process ultimately culminates in a ‘single-minded proposition (the one compelling reason that a consumer would want to buy their product or use their service), giving us the right insight on what to base the creative campaign strategy.

Crucially this saves a lot of time when developing the creative campaign, and therefore gives us the opportunity to share our thinking. By adopting this approach, we end up with a campaign that meets all the required criteria, which delivers the messaging in a clear and engaging way to generate the right results.

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