11th December 2018

WhatsApp has over 1 billion monthly users. Why not use it for your business?

Emily Milner

Emily Milner Paid Search Executive


We quite often forget that WhatsApp is a social media platform in itself. It has replaced SMS messaging and is rapidly becoming our go to form of communication. People around the world are active users, sharing 700 million photos and 100 million videos every day.

So how can we use WhatsApp in our marketing strategy and within our business?


It is always a challenge to implement new forms of communication internally. Employees don’t like change and you quite often find resistance in employees wanting to learn new tricks.

Almost everyone is using WhatsApp and it doesn’t require any training. You won’t have to ask your staff to constantly check other platforms as they will already be signed in and checking regularly.

WhatsApp groups can be formed for each department, where you can share instant updates and imagery when an email is not necessary.

Customer Support and External Communications

Here’s some food for thought - no one likes phone calls from unknown numbers. If you complete your follow ups via WhatsApp instead of direct phone calls, you will get 40% better response rate.

If you start using the platform for customer communication, you should notice a better response and engagement with your activity.

WhatsApp also gives you a chance to be a little more informal too such as announcing offers, company updates, new services, or as it’s that time of year… send well wishes during Christmas time.

You have to choose wisely though, only use WhatsApp for a customer support tool if you have a fewer number of customer requests.

Marketing and Promotions

We don’t suggest you spam your customers with WhatsApp messages.

You can use the platform to connect with existing loyal customers rather than trying to reach new users. Unlike SMS or Email, there are minimal restrictions on format and the delivery chances are higher. You can send images, audio files, short video clips on your products or services to people across the world instantly.

Some businesses are using WhatsApp as a booking platform for appointments or a consultation.

As you can see, apart from many people using WhatsApp on a personal level, there are also many benefits to using WhatsApp in business internally and externally. It is cost effective, instant and current.

There are also fresh talks about how advertising will be implemented into the platform. Are you using WhatsApp within your business and more importantly, has it been effective?

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