21st June 2022

Whitecroft Lighting – Shining a light on Net Zero

David Daglish

David Daglish Director

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As a UK manufacturer to the construction industry, Whitecroft Lighting is committed to helping achieve Net Zero by 2050. And this is no vague greenwashing statement, across the business policies and products are being developed to make a significant difference.

To support the process, A&P have assisted in the development of a wider Sustainability section on the website, including detail on actions towards Net Zero.

Global warming, caused by human activity, is no longer a theory and if left unchecked, the consequences are clear. In the Paris Agreement of 2015, the world’s nations agreed to a net zero world by 2050 (balancing the greenhouse gases produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere). 

In 2019, the UK became the world’s first major economy to pass laws to achieve net zero by 2050 with a Net Zero Strategy published in October 2021, which sets out how the UK will deliver on its commitment.

To reach net zero aspirations, the construction industry needs transformational change and Whitecroft Lighting has identified 5 considerations for lighting designers and manufacturers to help reduce impacts now and into the future.

  • Don’t lose sight of people
  • Make every Watt count
  • Know your impact
  • Go circular
  • Be smarter with your data

To support the policy, Whitecroft Lighting have products and services to help meet the Net Zero goal:

  • Products - Vitality products are designed for the circular economy. They are modular, upgradeable, and designed to last using high quality components, while product integrity and efficacy is provided by accreditation from an independent third party, the Cradle to Cradle Products Institute.
  • Service - Vitality Relight is a service for existing buildings that offers the opportunity to make significant operational savings as well as conserving the original embodied carbon associated with the building’s construction. 

In addition to the detailed web page, A&P developed a downloadable pdf brochure for simple reference. At A&P, we’re proud to partner with Whitecroft Lighting on projects which make a genuine difference to our future.

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