18th June 2019

Why Incorporating Video Is the Way to Go

Reading time 5 mins

There’s no denying it – video is a highly effective tool to use when it comes to promoting products and services, attracting customers, raising awareness and ultimately, increasing ROI. If you’re not sure whether using video is right for your business, then keep reading and you might just change your mind.

It’s only natural

Humans are a visual species. We naturally find videos more engaging than any other form of content. Video captures both movement and noise – both of which play a leading role in getting a message across effectively. Text is far less appealing and relies on a particular arrangement of words and punctuation to set the tone. Our brains are programmed to remember visual content more than a page full of words, with the average person able to recall 95% of a video message and only 10% of a written one.

There’s lots of choice

Marketing videos can be created depending on your individual needs and desired outcomes. It’s important to determine what you want the video to achieve before you decide which form it should take. Here’s a few examples:

  •        Explainer
  •        Animation
  •        Product
  •        Aerial film
  •        Tutorial
  •        Customer testimonial
  •        Video blog (vlogs)

Let the stats do the talking


Lights, camera, action

There you have it – video content really can make all the difference to your marketing strategy – the stats speak for themselves.

If  you think that video could give you the edge you’ve been looking for, let’s talk. We produce stunning content and handle everything in-house, from pre-production all the way through to motion graphics and special effects. We have BAFTA award-winning producers and award-winning directors with an enormous amount of experience and the #know how to make video content that sells.



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