4th December 2017

Why testing kit before a shoot is vital to the end product

Kristen Harancourt

Kristen Harancourt Senior Film Production Executive


When working in the creative industry, you receive numerous briefs from different clients that all require different kit, demand expectations and intended forms of delivery. Because of this, you need to be constantly informed about the development of upcoming equipment, and fluid when transferring camera and editing skills from one product to the next.

Last week, we got the opportunity to receive one-on-one workshops with ARRI and their Amira and Alexa Mini cameras. This proved to be a fantastic chance to talk to ARRI professionals about the ins and outs of both, as well as pushing each camera to their capable limits in terms of how they fit within the creative vision of upcoming projects.

The cameras of choice on productions such as Moonlight, Arrival, Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy, and surpassing £20,000 of value for a single camera and lens alone, the level of quality delivered by these impressive pieces of kit will heighten the production value of any shoot.

As strong as any camera is, though, another important aspect of any project is the storytelling. Without a strong base, the project will be much less effective no matter the equipment used. Especially when fulfilling client requests, it’s important to factor in what sort of camera is appropriate for the production and content. The camera must represent the brand well, and give the project the right look, as well as platform, for success.

When stress testing upcoming shoots or projects, working with the ARRI cameras gave real insight to not just the film team about how each camera will deliver, but to everyone in the creative department.

The camera, however, is only as good as its cameraman, so being accompanied by ARRI’s specialist gave us the opportunity to discuss the ins and outs of each camera’s capabilities - and not just what makes them work, but why each component was chosen - as opposed to rival kit on the market.

We test kit for a wide range of shoots, as we cater for clients across numerous platforms and specialities - each being different to the last, providing their own unique selling point that makes certain equipment vital for that particular project. Testing the ARRI kit was no different, but having a spokesman from the company there to inform us on the camera’s strengths made all the difference.

The day increased our know how by ten-fold, while helping us sustain a great relationship with a fantastic supplier and work towards a brief that will benefit immensely from the inclusion of such fantastic kit.


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