Social media generating stand out website referrals

Rowland Homes


Rowland Homes was established in 1993 and has since developed a reputation for building quality new homes in locations throughout the North West.

We've worked with Rowland since 1997, providing the company with highly targeted and effective marketing material.

We know traditional advertising methods no longer work as effectively as they once did, unless bolstered by additional marketing channels.

Social media provides an opportunity to connect with consumers and amplify messages and strategy through paid online media campaigns. These can deliver strategic, cost effective ROI.

Rowland Homes needed to extend the reach of their developments, ensuring that they captured potential purchasers as they started their search for a new home. Traditionally they've used traditional channels such as local media and direct marketing to deliver awareness for their developments.



In 2015 we embarked on a new social strategy for Rowland Homes – taking the brand onto the platforms of Twitter and importantly the basecamp for brand advocates – Facebook.

The social strategy was to tell the story of Rowland Homes cementing the company’s expertise and authority – and crucially driving brand awareness in the North West.

We needed to demonstrate ROI beyond social storytelling – we needed to generate numbers and crucially deliver awareness of new and existing developments driving traffic to the website.

We told the story of Rowland through converged media, providing a consistent storyline, developing one look and feel for the communications campaign and ensuring all channels work in tandem.

We created content to nurture users through their propensity to buy, through the sales cycle and encouraged engagement with strong calls to action and clear benefits.

An essential component of the social strategy was amplification – to drive numbers but importantly to extend the reach of developments delivering website referrals.


Content provides the target audience with a reason to engage with Rowland. Delivering relevant content pertinent to individual developments and provides potential purchasers with reasons to move with Rowland.

Conversation territories provided hints and tips specific to the area, from local school knowledge to information on farmers markets, places to go and what to do with the kids during holidays.

It ensured that our audience consistently engaged with the social channels, returning to find out information on the developments and the area. In less than two years we grew from a zero basecamp of followers to over 13,000 engaged fans on Facebook, which accounts for over 20% of all website traffic.

Our targeting strategies from demographic to location to behavioural targeting all ensured that the social advertising strategy was not only successful, but surpassed expectations.

Our paid strategy focused on strategic audience know how, ensuring that we were targeting the right demographic and profile. Boosted posts delivered different messages on the individual developments, providing reasons to buy Rowland.

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