4th October 2022

Case Study: Signtouch and their exciting journey to develop new digital display technology.

Chris Walton

Chris Walton Director

Digital Events

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A&P are delighted to partner with Signtouch in their exciting journey to develop and launch this cutting edge new digital display technology that is much overdue in the new homes sector. Following the lessons learned by retailers, the new homes market is rapidly catching on to the ways digital display technology can enhance the customer experience as well as improve future marketing strategies and opportunities.

This easy-to-use-platform is built specifically for new homes developers to enhance their digital sales and marketing performance, as well as help them provide the very best possible customer experience.

These days customers increasingly want their buying experience to be personalised, multi-channel and interactive, and now thanks to Signtouch the home buying experience has been transformed into a unique visual experience within the sales centre.

Powered by market-leading Samsung touchscreen technology, it's set to transform customers experiences by creating a sales centre environment for the future, today!

Everything can have the developers own bespoke branding and will fit seamlessly alongside all their brand andmarketing assets.

Customers will be able to navigate with ease through the user-friendly touchscreen menu allowing them to view and interact with a wide range of relevant content for this ultimate sales experience.

They'll be able to discover a host of local information and amenities, explore 3D tours, interactive site plans, videos, house types and floorplans. They can view real time prices and availability as well as scroll through their choices and options for kitchens and bathrooms. The list is practically endless...

It doesn't matter whether there's one development or over 100 sites nationwide, the technology will integrate seamlessly with any existing CMS and with 24/7 uptime, online customer support and live chat, as well as on-site maintenance available, it puts housebuilders in total control, leaving their sales staff free to concentrate on engaged and serious visitors.

All this, along with comprehensive reporting and analytics gives essential visitor demographics and customer behaviour which can help develop and improve future marketing planning and sales strategies.

It will also reduce time and expense managing content, plus it can save substantially by reducing costs on brochures, literature and expensive point of sale.

A&P has produced a range of marketing collateral - including brand video, demo video, trade press advertising, social media content for the launch of Signtouch at the Samsung KX in London in early September, which saw 100 industry experts witness the new technology first hand.

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