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Holchem are the UK’s leaders in hygiene technology and have been operating from the north west for over 30 years. The company employs over 170 staff from its base at Pilsworth Industrial Estate in Bury and turns over £32million, providing chemical cleaning solutions for businesses across the UK.

Our job has been to add value to Holchem’s sales function, providing information for their target audience across multiple touchpoints. We know that today’s marketing and sales landscape looks vastly different from that of just a few decades ago. With the advent of the internet, blogging, social media and a myriad of digital communications channels, the path to purchase is not a simple, straight line, but a complex and varied web of twists, turns and touch points.

We know that companies with more digital touch points are more likely to be found by their target audience. And we know how to fuel digital strategies that help the target audience find Holchem. We needed to position them as industry leaders, whilst increasing their visibility with their range of customers.

Our initial campaign brief involved the building of a new website, a corporate film, engagement with relevant publications and the launch of a social media campaign. Our job has been to provide a co-ordinated marketing plan with as many relevant ‘touches’ as possible adding value to the Holchem sales process.



Our first job was to provide Holchem with a new website that would revolutionise the way they interacted with customers. The site was designed with customers' questions at the heart of the digital strategy, making it easier for them to access the most up-to-date hygiene information and industry legislation around the clock.

Many elements came into play to make up a multi-layered communications strategy. It also encompassed the development of an Ecommerce equipment shop and an Ecommerce training shop delivering Holchem’s award winning training courses.

Suuporting the new website was the development and production of a new corporate film showcasing not only Holchem’s expertise but also their family ethos and approach to business and client service.


A content strategy then provided ongoing communications through owned and earned media.

By establishing Holchem on social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn, we were able to tell their story consistently. We also supported the search strategy with fresh content, ensuring this owned content was seeded effectively to positively impact Google algorithms. We further cemented their authority and expertise by producing a weekly blog. An earned media campaign was delivered through a consistent trade and local media PR campaign through proactive storytelling and reactive forward features.

The results speak for themselves.

Since launch we deliver 16,784 Unique Visitors/Users per month, 86,672 Unique Page Views. We have 58 Search Terms on Page 1 of Google, 38 Search Terms in the Top 3 Positions and we generate, on average, 20 qualified leads a month.

Site engagement on the new website has also been strong with 37% of visitors returning to the site for a second visit and average time on site being 2 minutes 49 seconds. Visitors generated from social channels stay on the site for over 7 minutes.

In year one our earned media campaign generated over 70 authorative pieces of media coverage with an audience reach of over 1 million.


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