Creating moments that work for a UK and European audience

Jarden Consumer Solutions


A&P work with Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) to build visual stories for a number of the brands in their portfolio.

We developed a series of films to build the positioning of a number of Jarden Consumer Solutions brands, including Breville, Crock-Pot and FoodSaver. They were designed to generate product awareness, educate the consumer and, significantly, to bolster and support the online customer journey.

JCS had already identified that film was playing an increasingly important role in its e-commerce activity. By creating a series of films that demonstrated branded products in a positive light, using aspirational lifestyle associations and highlighting their simple use, these assets were designed to help growth in European markets, cross language barriers and ultimately deliver the uplift in sales required. 


We produced a range of product films that were beautifully shot, with striking backdrops and animated supers, to illustrate key product functionality in an engaging and desirable way.

Our creative team and film department collaborated on key projects, including a reimagining of the Crock-Pot brand identity on video, including a Crock-Pot brand film, recipe clips and product films across the full range of slow cookers and more. We also produced a series of films designed to generate category awareness, product introduction and brand engagement for the rapid-growth FoodSaver brand of vacuum sealing systems for the home. We continue to work together to produce best-in-class Breville product films across the small kitchen appliance range.

After four years of working with JCS, we know exactly how to interpret each client brief, understanding exactly what is required and providing assets the client is always confident will work effectively across Europe and online.



We have now produced hundreds of films for JCS and create brand, product and short recipe films for e-commerce and social media purposes. As the growing importance of film as an online sales tool has increased over the years, our brief has developed hand in hand. Expansion into Europe has resulted in the films being used in multiple countries and being translated into a number of languages.


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