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Network VEKA


A multi-layered creative campaign was required to ensure that Network VEKA met their target audience. Our planning process delivered the core campaign insight that the target audience, dubbed Hilary, had just not met Network VEKA yet.

Network VEKA is the 4th largest window installation organisation in the UK, yet brand recognition is low.

Once Hilary had been introduced to the brand, they wouldn’t go anywhere else for their window and door installation needs.

The average consumer needs up to ten different touchpoints before they have a propensity to purchase. Our campaign activity needed to deliver these touchpoints in areas where Hilary would find them.

By delivering a multi-layered, content-rich communications campaign, our activity helped ensure that Hilary would meet Network VEKA and, crucially, that they'd have a propensity to test, try and trust the organisation.



A branded storytelling campaign needed to appeal to national and regional media, engage social networks, employ relevant adverts and advertorials to guarantee key messages and produce a hardworking digital campaign connecting all facets of the Network VEKA story.

We created brand excitement through a media partnership with Ideal Home, a news generation campaign added depth to the brand storytelling and rich media content added weight online.

Online competitions engaged directly with the consumer and boosted brand awareness, while social media storytelling took Network VEKA into the social space for the first time.


We achieved an EAV of £375,131 in the first quarter, plus a £50million reach.

Engagement in social media channels soared. We doubled website sessions year on year. We more than tripled page views. We tripled the session site duration and decreased the bounce rate.

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