Engaging 3D films to cement the client’s market leader positioning

Whitecroft Lighting


Whitecroft Lighting is one of the UK’s leading project lighting and controls suppliers, providing state of the art solutions across commercial, education, healthcare and industrial sectors.

Customers and potential customers of the company need to see how proposed lighting solutions can work and interact with their businesses, without leaving the comfort of their desks. The target audience required information on lighting solutions, but also wanted to be able to experience how that solution could work in their individual business environments.

In today’s multi-media world, a simple CAD design would not be enough to excite and engage the target audience. We were tasked to bring to life key product releases for the company.



The content needed to engage, resonate and compel the target audience to find out more about the product. It needed to provide instant information, whilst showcasing the detail on different product benefits. We needed to bring to life products that had not yet been released to market.

A series of short (60 – 90 second) animated films were proposed to hero the key features and benefits of two Whitecroft products. Our dedicated film division met with Whitecroft’s R&D team, took photos of the prototypes and built a bank of materials and surfaces, ensuring that every detail of the product development was recorded.

Attention to detail is the hero of this story. Film is made up of 25 images per second and when you shoot film, the camera simply captures what it sees. With 3D animation, every image needs to be created, the meticulous level of detail required is staggering. Each of the 25 images per second needs to be rendered to create the final story.



Utilising the know how from our 3D, motion graphics and illustration departments, the finished films provide a true feel for Whitecroft’s hero products.

The films sit primarily on Whitecroft’s website, but have been designed to work across a multitude of online channels from advertising campaigns to social strategies. Product pages, including images taken from the 3D images, enhance user knowledge.

The client said of the project:

“Our ongoing partnership with A&P showcases the importance of collaboration between agency and client. A team of experts came together to produce a series of films that undoubtedly position us at the forefront of the lighting industry.”

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