7th February 2022

A range of 3D animations for VEKA that accentuate their products style and benefits

David Daglish

David Daglish Consultant

Digital Trends

Reading time 10 mins

When A&P was asked to develop a range of 3D animations for VEKA, the objective was clear, produce films that not only showed the beauty and simplicity of the windows and doors from a user perspective but also displayed the technical detail that sets the products apart.

The initial discovery phase entailed information gathering from existing CAD files to the supply of samples for movement details and textures.

Once all information was gathered, the creation phase for each film saw the production of low-resolution visuals for approval before the details were added and the time-consuming render process began.

Finally, through a rigorous approval, all required amends were completed and the result, 6 superb, short animations highlighting the innovation and quality for which VEKA is renowned.

Why not take a look at the results below:


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