3rd May 2022

Whitecroft Vitality ReLight

David Daglish

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Regenerate what you can and replace only what you need

Background to the project
The UK built environment accounts for 39% of the UK's total carbon footprint*. While new buildings are more energy efficient, the upfront carbon cost associated with construction is high. As a result, there is an opportunity to make significant carbon savings by focussing on the decarbonisation of the 80% of existing buildings estimated to still be in use by 2050.

Whitecroft Lighting   
Whitecroft Lighting is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of commercial lighting. From a 10,000m2 design and manufacturing facility they provide tailored lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, healthcare and education applications.

How the challenge was met
To meet the energy efficiency challenge, Whitecroft developed Vitality ReLight enabling regeneration of lighting systems to reduce waste and decarbonise spaces. Put simply, Vitality ReLight enables the construction industry to regenerate what they can and replace only what they need on an existing building project. The service delivers the lighting of the future while saving resources today. Vitality ReLight offers the design flexibility and environmental features required by architects, while also delivering a time saving benefit to contractors.

The service offers a simple 5 step approach, the Whitecroft team will discuss the project, survey the space before confirming the possibilities. Once agreed, support is offered to ensure a smooth and timely transition while a 5-year warrant offers peace of mind.

The A&P Know How Partnership
To support the launch, we’re proud to have partnered with Whitecroft on a fully integrated campaign including website landing page, brochure, CPD event booking system, email and digital advertising activity.

Why not take a look: https://www.whitecroftlighting.com/vitality-relight/

*Source: Green Building Council

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