27th February 2018

From little apples grow great accounts

David Daglish

David Daglish Consultant


David Daglish, board director at A&P takes us through the client customer journey highlighting the power of a long-standing client agency partnership.

Today, Aston Manor is the UK’s leading independent cider maker, producing award-winning brands such as Kingstone Press, Knights and Friels. The last 20 years has seen huge growth and changes in the business, with new products, acquisitions and most recently a state of the art head office and distribution centre, close to the original brewery in Birmingham.

My first contact with Aston Manor came way back in 1998, when I arranged to meet the marketing team to discuss a sales promotion concept for the Frosty Jack’s brand. In a highly competitive, price-driven market Aston Manor was looking to generate some brand loyalty and this approach offered an obvious solution.

And so began a relationship that would endure the fluctuations of consumer preference, the ever competitive environment of FMCG retailing and the digital revolution. The Frosty Jack’s promotion was a great success and set the tone for those early years, with A&P developing the creative concepts and delivering the promotions flawlessly.

Such was the growing belief if A&P’s ‘know how’ to deliver, that when in 2005, budgets were increased to grow the Frosty Jack’s brand, A&P were asked to produce a fully integrated promotion, supported by TV advertising with the voiceover delivered by the then little known Matt Lucas. Again A&P delivered and the relationship flourished.

As the business landscape changed, A&P developed knowledge that tied perfectly with Aston Manor’s rapid growth. Digital was the new kid on the block, and A&P operated several digital promotions, growing a database of loyal consumers. Film was also flourishing and while A&P took our first steps into the broadcast TV world, we also were able to offer guidance in the development of film for Aston Manor.

Over the last couple of years, A&P’s creative team has worked on Aston Manor corporate account, developing the Loves Cider campaign, a campaign that has most recently been seen in the launch of Aston Manor’s export site.

So, from a simple campaign nearly 20 years ago, to an export site to support the continuing growth of Aston Manor around the world, A&P ‘know how’ has always been there to assist and add ideas at every opportunity. Personally, the Aston Manor journey chronicles my career at A&P and is a source of immense pride.

Looking back to the early days, A&P was a small, fledgling agency but by adapting to the market and always delivering first class service, A&P has flourished into the fully integrated business that it is today. The Aston Manor story is only one of many long-term client relationships within the A&P, a fact that demonstrates the commitment across the business to constantly deliver.

Moving forward, what is next for Aston Manor and A&P? Whatever the project might be, the answer will be the same, apply the same level of ‘know how’, create great campaigns and deliver them effectively. 

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